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Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services​

At Life Care 4 u, we offer supported living services that promote independence, choice, and control in your life. Unlike a residential home, our supported living options provide individuals with their own individual tenancies, allowing for greater autonomy and flexibility in their living environment. Our staff team works closely with residents to create a living environment that is tailored to their needs, including personalized design, lighting, and ambiance.


Our supported living approach encourages individuals to maximize their independence and engage in activities that they enjoy, with staff support to help them achieve their goals. We provide tailored care and support plans for each individual, including those with higher-level or complex needs who require more intensive care.


Our staff work with each person to create a person-centered plan that reflects their current and future life goals. We use a range of communication tools to ensure that each person is closely involved in the development of their plan. Our support services include assistance with medication and health appointments, skill-building for managing bills and money, and working towards independence.

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